A One-Woman Farm No Longer

Cold Antler Farm was started over a decade ago by author Jenna Woginrich. It was the place she fell in love with homesteading, horses, hawks and hunting. Spanning five states in five years from its rented backyard beginnings in Northern Idaho to its current home in Jackson, NY — she's been raising animals and following a creative life. Her 6.5 acre farm, tucked into the side of a gentle mountain is where she farmed sheep, pigs, dairy goats, turkey, chickens, geese, rabbits, horses, and red-tailed hawks trained for falconry. She loved her life and wrote about it daily on her blog as well as publishing six books about agriculture, specifically directed at inspiring other dreamers like her. Life was good but she had no idea how much better it could be until 2020 when she met a girl.

Shannon joined the farm and what was once a solo is now a duet. Together they are recreating Jenna's original dream to be a productive and sustainable enterprise now focusing on supplying quality pork and poultry to their customers. It's amazing what two women with a serious case of Barnheart can accomplish.


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