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Support Needed

I am posting a quick note this morning in case there are some of you checking in on the blog here and don't use or check social media. I often post daily updates on Instagram and do a lot of sale/self promotion on Twitter, but rarely here. Lately making any sales at all is so hard, a combination of a small readership, rising costs due to inflation for everything from toothpaste to plane tickets, and this winter if you’re energy bills were anything like mine - everything is tight.

But if you are doing okay, and comfortable, and want to help this farm make it through the month I will be three months behind on the mortgage as of May 15th, which puts me in risk of foreclosure. So if you are at all interested in supporting this farm, this is the time to do it and this farm needs the support!

Here’s what I have to offer:

Future shares of pork and lamb! This year is sold out but you can reserve the following season. If you want something sooner: I am offering bulk boxes of soap, 20 bars for $100 (plus shipping). I have a sale on all my pet portraits, instead of $85 for a 9x12” original ink and watercolor, it is $50 (includes free shipping!). Logos are up to $75 off. You can email me through this website, and you can always message me on social media. I appreciate your time and hope to hear from one or two of you soon! Anything is encouraging!

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