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Designing at Home

It is an honor to design logos for farmers and small businesses. The one shared here is fairly recent, made using a combination of vintage illustrations and elements from several sources, formed together to create a new logo that looks old! I am so glad to do this, and to continue doing it for the folks who want to help keep Cold Antler going strong!

Over the years I have made this part of my daily work to help pay the hay, feed, and home bills. Right now I am soliciting for more business in this endeavor since it is easy to do in my spare time from farm efforts, I have all the equipment and supplies to do it without adding extra income (like soap and art projects, which require supplies, shipping costs, etc) and so if you or anyone you know needs a logo please consider hiring this farm to do it! The first two logos I sell this month will go towards the first cord of wood for this winter, which I want to have stacked and ready to go by Sept 15t at the latest. If you are interested please send me a message!

P.S. Buying a logo doesn't mean you need to be ready to start right away. You can buy the service and wait until you are ready to use it, without any additional costs down the road. Or you can give a logo as a gift! A great thing for posters, t shirts, resumes, etc!

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