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Signed Book Giveaway!

To celebrate the new website, the new blog, and the farm's 2021 season just kicking off - I'm offering a signed book giveaway! I'll be sending three people a signed copy of their choice of either Made From Scratch, Cold Antler Farm, Barnheart, One Woman Farm, or Chick Days along with 3 bars of the farm's homemade soap! So three of you get a package in the mail, at no cost, for helping out with this general question I have for you: What do you want to read about here?

I want to grow this website and business this year, and part of that comes from creating content you want to read about. So to enter this giveaway I just need you to send us a message on the farm's "Say Hello" contact page. In the message include what you want to read about, your name and mailing address (I will not be sharing this with any other parties or even announcing winner's last names to the public here) and hit that send button.

After I collected your thoughts for a week or two I'll use a Random Number Generator program to pick a trio of winners. Then you fine people get a fun package from me with book, soaps, and some trinkets. In exchange, just honestly tell me what you want to read here? Do you want traditional blog entries with recipes and how tos? Do you want better photos with emotional posts? Do you miss the workshops? Would you consider traveling here post pandemic for lessons in fiddle, dulcimer, or archery? Do you want to hear more about the business? About the town of Cambridge? About the local farming community? Or more about the gardens, horses, bunnies? TELL ME! And I will reward the time it takes to do so with a random shot at some free loot. I'm at the post office all the time already, this is well worth the trip!

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