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Shearing Prep

Tomorrow is sheep shearing, and it will just be me and Mary the shearer. It'll be done quick enough, with just the three ewes right now until the new lambs arrive. I still get anxious about the preparation. Making sure everything is set up well enough with plywood and extension cords. The weather is iffy. It may pour or it may just be gray and damp, and I'm hoping for the latter.

Once the sheep are sheared, hoofs trimmed, and out in the growing pasture again with their beefy naked selves - things will be heading towards true summer. Shearing always feels like the last chore of spring, and that's appropriate because Beltane is just around the corner, and Beltane always feels like the true beginning of summer and the growing season.

I will be hosting a little potluck for the local community, and even going to try making a humble maypole for the kids. A little bonfire, shared food from our farms, some time for adults to chat and kids to explore the woods and hear stories and eat sugary treats. It's becoming a lovely tradition around here.

A few notes: The website was down a bit due to my old bank card expiring and needing to be updated, apologies if you were trying to read posts or look for farm information and it wasn't available.

Also, sometimes I start a Sunday morning writing way too much about every insecurity I have, like this is my high school diary and not a farm blog, and that post has been properly edited. I'm not a flight risk. I'm a writer. Though sometimes those are blurry lines.

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