Pet Portraits on Sale!

Pet portraits are on sale, two for the price of one! And the first person who orders through the blog will get 3 bars of soap shipped free! (the soap is also free). Pet portraits are drawn and painted here in my spare time on the farm, they take a few weeks to complete but I can rush orders if needed. They are a wonderful way to support this farm hoping not to fall behind. My goal is to sell 3 sets of these today!

And if you don't want a pet portrait, or don't have pets, these also make great gifts! You can give a gift certificate to anyone you wish of the second portrait - or give both to a friend! You give me the email of the person you are purchasing one for and I'll take it from there! Give joy, support a farm, get your pets memorialized - by someone whose story you know! And if you don't want to buy one, that is fine and sorry for taking up your time on the blog! Kibble aint free, as you understand. And Friday is looking at me right now like I owe her a second bowl full...

P.S. Bulk boxes of soap are also on sale, as listed below on this blog. So far just one person asked about them, but never responded to my email (I think they typed in the wrong email for me to reply to) but regardless - bulk boxes shipping and I would love to earn some money today to keep this place on track!

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