October is Upon Us!

With October being both my favorite month of the year and my favorite time on the farm; I’ll be writing longer blogs simply going through my day here at Cold Antler Farm. The kind of posts that start with getting out of bed and end with a hot mug at night by the wood stove. Today, however, I don’t have one in me.

But I do have this in me! October is here! It’s the finest month of the year! I am enjoying watching Over the Garden Wall for the first time right now and I can’t recommend it enough. Watch 2 minutes of this clip and you’ll understand. What a magical, timeless, whimsically odd aesthetic! It’s vintage Halloween postcards come-to-life and I can’t get enough of it.

Besides media recommendations - things here are rainy and warm. We had two nights chilly enough to dip into the high 30s, but back to the fall hurricane season rainfalls tomorrow. It should take out a bunch of our leaves too - all half turned into their fall splendor but confused from the wettest summer on record in a long time. And besides weather news - there isn’t much of import to report on.

Which for today, is good news. There is a start on our fall firewoods and hay - as you know. And there is much to do to catch up yet. But there is a freshly baked Applejack Cake cooling in the kitchen and I am looking forward to a visit from friends tonight to cheer up the place from the dreary outside.

So here’s to our Octobers! And to the stories ahead!

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