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November Ends

Snowfall has covered the farm, like a fresh start. It started last night and this morning over 5 inches coated the paths and forests and barn. Birds are at the feeders, grateful for seed in the middle of this freeze. The wood stove has been roaring since before sunrise and while it’s in the 20s out there the house is 65° and the dogs and cats are all curled up in the living room.

I’m doing okay. Working a lot, and keeping busy. There's a lot to be grateful for right now and soon the sunlight will be back in our lives.

I sold that coyote painting for $275! I am trying to earn more from my illustrations, and trying to get my name out there more. One step is having a local pop-up gallery this summer and my friend Miriam is helping me apply for my first-ever artist’s grant for a show in Glens Falls - which is very exciting! We’ve been to grant meetings together and she’s helping me apply. (She has done this all before and understands the process. I am so grateful for her help with it!)

I signed up for health insurance now that open enrollment is up. I finally applied correctly and have affordable coverage starting in Jan 1 2022! Three weeks ago I did’t have a vehicle to my name or insurance, and now the whole future feels a lot safer around here.

Last night as the snow fell I got to experience that feeling I chased for years before finding this farm. That feeling of being tucked into a side of a mountain, warm and safe. Knowing all the animals were put away, fed and comfortable. Knowing that there is firewood and hay in abundance. Knowing that the next time daylight hits it will be Saturday morning - no deadlines or worries await. And so I baked cinnamon buns and watched Game of Thrones from the pilot until I fell asleep in a pile of dogs and cats. And this morning, I did chores in blue morning light and all the animals were well and tucked in. Soon I’ll go out and top off all the water and get fresh bedding to those piggies for the nights ahead (cold fronts coming in), but all in all it’s a beautiful morning here. Bread is rising. I’m reading a beautiful book about a magical orphanage at the edge of the sea. There’s rumors of grilled cheese and tomato soup...

Things could be a lot worse. And they aren't.

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