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Not Fancy

The other day I stepped into the shower, which is the only way to properly clean yourself around here. The farm doesn’t have an indoor or outdoor tub. Our master bath ("master" because it is the only bathroom) is one toilet that needs a repaired base and a shower. And this is all fine. It’s absolutely all that I need. And as stark as that may sound to some of you, fear not. It's pretty tidy. Last summer it was repainted a happy shade of light blue a friend gave us after repainting a large room in their home. The baseboards got a new coat of Rust-oleam. There are fluffy yellow towels in there and the water runs hot. I have zero complaints. But the other day, as I was saying, I stepped into the shower and noticed a small bundle of herbs at my feet. It was mostly mint and lemon verbena. The hot water and the weight of my feet walking over them was absolutely magical. It filled the shower with the beautiful smells, both calming and clean. I have lived on this mountain for over ten years and not once did I think to lay herbs in the shower but Shannon had.

God, how I love her.

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