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More Snow, More Bow

A storm is on the way. I am getting ready for another dump of a half foot or more of snow. The farm is set up with hay and feed, and I am heading out to buy some supplemental firewood this morning just to be on the safe side incase the weather report is understating. We were supposed to get an inch two days ago and over five inches covered this farm all day. Beautiful, and nearly melted now, but I think this new storm will last a bit longer.

I am choosing not to be too eager for spring. Of course I want the break from the darkness and fire-tending, but also, I should be savoring the stillness before spring. This winter I have learned a new instrument, trained a small falcon (which was recently released back to the wild for breeding/mating season), got about 4 chapters of the new. book drafted and established a dedicated yoga practice at home. It's been a winter of rebuilding, turning inward, and being more comfortable with myself. It took a traumatic fall to get here, but I feel like I'm waking up with the spring as well. I can take a few more weeks to incubate.

I am excited about getting back to regular archery practice. My 60lb horse bow and 50lb recurve are too much for my injured shoulder but between yoga and time, it should heal and hopefully come back. I will be starting again when the days are a little warmer with a light bow and close targets and try to get back to my days of shooting, riding, and running. I called these Skadi Days, after the Norse goddess. So here's to her and the hopes of a stronger body with a bow over her shoulder by June.

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