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Moonpie & Her Babies

It’s a beautiful morning on the farm. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and the world is warm and bright. Last night we got to spend time with friends in town, enjoying homemade pizza’s and sitting around a fire pit with new friends. It was lovely, and the kind of everyday joy you get to experience with sunlight and bare arms in the summer twilight.

Not much to update on around here, but wanted to share this picture of our year-old hen Moonpie and her two babies she hatched out a week or so ago! They are lovely little babies, and we’re hoping they grow up to be beautiful half-Ameraucana hens. Moonpie herself was hatched here last September, daughter out of our older hen Elenor. They are doing just fine even in this summer of nonstop rain. Let’s hope these two little guys learn to dodge the mushrooms and puddles as our northeast rainforest continues to twirl around us.

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