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Merry Christmas

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas from Cold Antler Farm! From me, the six other heartbeats in this farmhouse, and all the animals out in the paddocks and pastures. It’s a foggy and damp morning here, but all are well.

The pigs are scrappy and silly. The horses are sharing hay out in the field. The sheep and goat are starting to share their hay better. The chickens are braving the trails and woods outside their dry coops. Even Honey the bait mouse is tucked happily asleep in her cage in the gear closet. The fire is warm, the kettles are keeping the place humidified, the coffee is hot. I have zero complaints.

Tonight I’ll make myself a roast chicken dinner from the good things this farm grew all summer. I have butternut squash and frozen veggies from the garden. I have potatoes to mash and onions to dice. I have an apple pie I can make, I think, in the back of the kitchen freezer. I am going to be fed and warm today surrounded by animals and books and feel very lucky to have those things. I hope all of you are exactly where you want to be today, surrounded by everything that makes you feel safe and content and warm. Happy Christmas and all the best for 2022. I have no idea what is in store, but I know what I hope to achieve and heal from and hope for. That isn't a bad way to start a year.

Thank you for all your readership, support, kindness, comments, stories, tips, emails, letters, and love. Merry Christmas!

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