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Updated: Jun 12

Happy to be typing this dispatch from a creative and gentle morning here at the farm. I woke up to birdsong and the promise of coffee. For the first time in days, the sun was out and it lit up my bedroom (which is sorely in need of painting) and I let that set the mood of the day!

First thing after coffee and chores, I got out my paint and brushes for this giant craft project I'm undertaking for Litha. It's kind of goofy, and the definition of "folk art", but I think the little kids will REALLY love it and it will delight the adults as well. The fallout: my kitchen looks like a pack of toddlers raided a summer camp's craft stash and had a party. I'll post a picture of them eventually! For now, I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Today I'll be sending my payment for the last piglet, long as this person who is commissioning a painting of a cow pulls through, and I believe she will! Which means every single animal on this farm is paid for. And next year's lambs should be born right here on farm! Feels like I'm coming around a bend on luck, or at least I hope so. I am still trying to focus on the May mortgage soon as possible, hopefully before the Solstice so I can enjoy it like a sigh of relief.

The sun is shining! The peonies are in bloom! The forest is hitting it's lushest vibes yet and besides writing here and some other indoor odds and ends, I plan on spending most of today outside weeding and tending my gardens while an audiobook tells me a story. I'll be planning a big meal all day, hopefully using several ingredients from this farm and my neighbor's amazing sourdough she traded for a dozen eggs. And this is how I love spending a Sunday, home and caring for the many lives under my watch. I might slip over to the river before sunset, to get away and let the trout teach me more Zen koans. I might slip into a nap in a hammock. I might get dressed up and dance in the living room to the reputation stadium tour on Netflix. I mean, it is Pride.

Not much more to report, but know at this farm there is art and sunlight, events to look forward too, some possible sales in the day ahead and plenty of weeding to do. So I will keep this brief and check in tomorrow if that's what you like? Just let me know what you want me to write about, darlings? Or I might start reviewing books and shows and talking more pop culture than you'd prefer. That's a warning.


If you appreciate what you read, I encourage you to contribute towards my writing with a tip. To be clear; no one has to pay anything. I will still write here and it's always available for free. But if anyone wants to volunteer to venmo/paypal at least one dollar, it means I will write a post the next day. If no one does, then I'll update when I feel like it. Might be the next day, might be in a month.

Please understand, that I do not mean a dollar for every post or from every reader! I mean, quite literally, if a single person anywhere in the world sends a single US dollar, and that's all the money I earn that day, I'll write tomorrow.

Venmo: jennawog (preferred)


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