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Make Plans, Gods Laugh!

I know I just wrote a post about how I am accepting the fact I am doing less hobbies and "fun" things as the pandemic and state of the world ramps towards uncertainty. I meant it, too. And my plan was to try and trap a bird a few more times before accepting that this was another thing that would slip into the backstage area of my life as I focused more on other things.

Then, along came Agnes.

I trapped Agnes Amaranth Eastwood, a juvenile female red tail hawk this past weekend. In the last few days she has made striking process and has been a total thrill and beloved distraction from the scarier things in life. Soon as I had that hawk on my fist I felt I could relax my shoulders and unclench my jaw a little. I had a familiar process and purpose, an animal that needed my guidance, and the old traditions and such around the falconry process back in my life and it has been so calming and lovely.

Yes I haven't slept through the night in days. Yes there are bits of animals and meat back in the fridge that don't look appealing to house guests. Yes the linoleum floor in the living room needs to be washed of hawk poops several times a day - BUT! But I have this lovely gal who seems so willing and clever and I am so excite to start a new season and relationship with her.

So welcome to the farm Agnes! Let's get to hunting!

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