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It's Pride! Support a Lesbian Farmer!

Good morning! I am making a quick post to advertise my logo/illustration work for folks that read this blog everyday, and won’t be posting this on any social media. Send me an email with the subject line, DISPATCH SALE! And I will respond with a half price logo rates, canvas paintings, discounts, haggling, and info on how to hire me. Whatever it takes to earn some money in exchange for the skills I have. This is a real homestead, and I only have what I can do and earn to keep the farm going, and it's never ever been harder.

This farm needs to make some sales beyond the small daily contributions if I’m going to start earning towards the May mortgage, much less June, and keep this place safe. So if you can support this farm and want to hire me, logos, pet portraits, animal illustrations like that fish one I posted a few days ago (sold, thank you Amy!) and soap bundles are all available. I appreciate you even reading this, and I really appreciate anyone considering hiring me. I will get back to any emails by tomorrow AM or sooner!

This ad/request for illustration job is not counting as today's post. Stand by, your antlers will get cold.

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