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Graphic Update!

Long before I knew I wanted to become a farmer I was a graphic designer. I fell in love with it in college, having had originally gone to Kutztown University to become an art teacher. I switched majors my freshman year and never regretted it for a second. Graphic design school taught me a trade. One I have been able to continue learning, continue using, and continue to support myself with. The same goes for illustration work! And if you have a pet portrait I drew hanging on your wall, or one of my logos sporting your business or band or school - I can not thank you enough. There’s a special kind of pride that comes from creating these. Logos are made to be shared, showed off, and to help spread a message. I’ve done them for everything from family reunions to bridal showers to farm’s murals on barn walls! And I get a kick out of it every single time!

So I’ll keep doing logos, but with that said, I am retiring my half-priced logo option this month, which is a heck of a deal! You get a logo for $100 and if you are not satisfied with my work, you’ll get your money back. Usually this half-priced deal comes with a waiting period of 8 weeks to begin (that is the catch). You pay and wait, but get the same results for half the amount of money. But right now I am struggling to gather up the June mortgage and the clock is ticking and I am doing whatever I can right now to not ever fall behind on this joint again.

I am happy to offer to people who take the time to read this blog the same deal, $100, to start right away! Send me an email and support this farm while making your own look even snazzier! My standard flat rate for a logo is $200, and all logos will revert to that price and start straight away starting in July. That includes as many revisions as you need and ownership of the art I create. If that seems steep to you, understand that four years of design school went into learning how to make a solid logo, and that the price you pay covers ownership of any art I create for you. Art which you can reproduce in as many ways as you like, over and over, and never owe me another cent for.

Note: Sometimes people want a very specific illustration I can’t create, or they find one they love on a stock image site. That is what those sites are for, but be mindful if you want to buy the rights to any image on one of those sites instead of using my own artwork, it is an extra cost for your business. Usually around $75, or more if you want to use it for a mass printing or very large business. But unless you have one in mind at jump you need to use, this cost is rarely necessary. Also, not paid to me, you'd buy it yourself off the stock image site.

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