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Flemish Giant Bunnies For Sale!

We have a nice litter of Flemish Giant bunnies for sale, available to take home the week of the 17th, but ready for reservations now! These are a hearty and thick breed of meat rabbits, but also very sweet for backyard pets or house rabbits. Our bunnies were raised both in a pen and on grass, and are used to fresh and pellet fodder. They are handled daily and thriving. Fawns, sandy, and other colors available. Send us a message or visit the Farm Stand section of the blog for more information on taking one home!

Also, so far the rooster and sheep watercolors for PRIDE have sold, but the rest are available and I lowered the price to $45. If you buy one - $10 goes to a local LGBT charity here in the Capital Region and the rest helps support this farm with the skills we have to offer. Get one or a trio, they make great gifts! And I can mail them to whomever you'd like!

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