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Farm Stand is Open!

Good morning! So it’s been about a week and a half with only three sales, which is borderline terrifying with firewood, hay, and mortgage payments to make soon as possible. So, I am offering some sales and info below on what this farm has to offer in case any one of you couple hundred folks that still read this have any interest at all. I am hoping to make a few more sales this week to catch up on the mortgage first, then I can focus on heating the house and feed.

So, here’s everything I have to offer right now and the sale rates and I can’t encourage you readers enough to consider purchasing!

And if you have purchased something, I believe all soap orders are out and most of the pet portraits. If you are waiting still, PLEASE email me and remind me. My system is better than it was but I’m still the person running it, and this woman has A LOT going on running a farm, business, household, and regular-life obligations solo - so don’t take it personal, just please check in because I promise I’m doing my best but never hesitate to check in. Lamb and Pork Shares Lamb and pork shares are available for next year. A little over half of the pork shares are gone, but there are still some left and I have two lambs left to sell. Pork shares start at a 1/4 pig with a min of 25lbs of pork guaranteed. Lambs start at half shares and can be anywhere from 15-25lbs a half, depending on breed and age. The pigs come from a lovely local farm family on the other side of the mountain, so they are NY bred and raised. The farm is inspected annually by NY Market and Ag, and in fact, just passed our annual surprise inspection on Weds! The lambs are going to hopefully be born on this farm come spring, but if not I will do what I did last year and buy in lambs to raise. If you are interested in a half or whole lamb, send along an email or find me on instagram to chat!

Soap for Holiday Gifting! There are soap bundles and custom orders available! Currently making bars with Nubian goat milk from a good friend’s farm! Right now there’s a lot of mint snowflake chunky bars like you see here, and those make amazing holiday gifts! Perfect for Christmas or Yule or whatever you celebrate! I also offer but boxes, which since everything costs more now - from coconut oil to shipping USPS, they are up a little in price. $55 for ten random mold/scent bars shipped to your house or $110 for 20. They take about 2-3 weeks to send but I make about 8-10lbs of soap a week right now so they are always piling up. Logo Designs! Buy a logo design, get one free. Yup you read that right. Get two jobs for the price of one if bought before end of this weekend and you either get a PDF voucher you can GIFT a friend or family member a design job or get two separate projects done for yourself for the price of one. This is the most work I can offer for the price, as I usually can finish a design in a few rounds of emails but some people are harder to please than others, but if you’re looking to knock out two holiday gifts for recent graduates looking to make their CV more professional looking or want to make that egg cart outside look way more legit, send me a message!

Pet portraits! Still on sale for $50 a full color portrait! Get four! Get all your holiday gifting done now! Get one of the library cat for your favorite librarian! Get one for the bodega cat down the road. Get one of of the cat you see on your walk every day and put it on your fridge to fulfill your cat dreams or to get back at your dog your in a fight with because he keeps trying to chase cats, or better yet, make up with your dog and celebrate your newfound peace with, you guessed it, A PET PORTRAIT or 9! Okay, that’s what I can manage right now. Holy crow, I hope to hear from some of you today. And soon as I can make my daily goal you know what I’m going to do - come back here and write about something else not pertaining to my fear of losing my home, like about how last night all 5 pigs escaped and it took 2+ hours to get them back in the barn. Or the new kitten Angus and how amazing it is to raise him now that I’m a full convert to “cat person” or maybe something about Mabon, or falconry, or more river diaries? Darling, I will sing (read: write) for my supper but I gotta secure the roof over my head first and none of my roommates here contribute to rent and I can’t find a human roommate because no one wants to split the mortgage for a house in upstate NY without heat and no bedroom for the entire winter because I close off the second floor around late December, so please consider.

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