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Farm Stand

Welcome to the Farm Stand! There will be a monthly post with the current promotions and offerings from Cold Antler Farm. The website has all the general offerings and announced availabilities, but here I can talk about sales and what is in season. I’m promoting these to help bring in some much-needed hay and firewood funds for this coming winter. So, good news for y’all - I am offering these items at a sale! If you want to support this little mountain farm, there couldn’t be a better time!

The best way for me to support this farm between CSA shares is through artwork and bulk soap orders. Working on logos, posters, t shirts, stickers, business cards, resumes, and drawing illustrations (mostly pet portraits) I can help bring in some income while I am in the process of looking for remote work with benefits.

So, without further delay!

Send a message on Twitter, IG, or our Say Hello Page if interested!

Pet Portraits! I offer sketches in pencil for $25, ink for $45, and color for $80. Right now you can get a pet portrait (or animated version of any animal, mythical beast, or dinosaur!) 2 color portraits for $100. These are all shipped free anywhere in the world and are drawn on 9x12” Bristol board.

Logos! I design logos for a flat rate. That means you pay once and we work back and forth on your logo until you are happy with it! My rate has been $200 a logo for a while now, but I am offering 25% off for the next three I sell!

Soap! I offer bars of goats milk soap for $6 a bar plus shipping. I use standard Flat Rate USPS boxes which start at $8. Right now I am offering bulk boxes of 10 or 20 bars at discount! FREE SHIPPING!

Eggs! If you are local and want 2 dozen for $5, send a message and swing on by!

Pork Shares - Spots are available for 2022 Shares and going FAST. Next sale of a 1/2 pig is $10% off!

Thank you for your time and for reading this! Wish me luck!

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