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Ending Daily Writing

Thank you to everyone who contributed over the past few weeks, and thank you to all the readers! This was an experiment to see if daily writing would be financially beneficial and if there was an audience willing to pay for it. My hope was making $20 or so a day from blog contributions. Thinking some days I would make as little as a $1-$5 but most days, especially after a big or heartfelt post I may do better?

So far I've lost over 100 Instagram followers this month because of my posts here and on IG about politics and sexuality. The steam for the blog revival has passed, and perhaps it should. I need to focus on other work if I'm ever going to catch up, repair, and remedy my situation.

If I receive any contributions today I'll write tomorrow, but after that please don't expect a daily post or feel any repsonsibilty to contribute towards it. I'll write here when I have the room to breathe and passion to write. Right now, I need to find a way to help keep a roof over my head and this is not it. But it was a good try! And if you did contribute, it means so much to me and helped cover April's bills. I thank you, so very much.

Time to git.

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