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Chicken Harvest

Good morning from a very bright and busy Cold Antler Farm! After days of rain and the kind of downpour yesterday that turned the low areas of this farm into a wetland worthy of conserving waterfowl populations into perpetuity — the sunshine returned and we're all drying out if we can manage to weave around the mushrooms.

We're just back from taking our Cornish Rocks to our local poultry processor and will be picking them up and delivering them to customer this week. It feels good to hand a 6lb roasting bird to your friends, and they taste amazing! Last night we had one on our rotisserie and that 7.6lb bird will be feeding us all week! Roast chicken last night, wraps, chicken salad, soups, broth... we get a lot of milage out of a bird around here!

The rabbits ended up having a small litter (just one of the two bred rabbits kindled) and all the babies are doing fine. There was a frost warning Thursday night. I ended up checking on the rabbit nest at 2 and 5AM to make sure everyone was snug and safe. All babies are doing well!

More updates on the garden, bunnies, horses, pig pen expansion, meat birds, and *maybe* goslings as the weeks unfold. Right now it feels like there's 19 jillion things to do all the time and we'll never get to that random July night where you sit on the hill and take in the whole scene of the lush fenced garden, grazing animals, and contentment of letting out a long exhale that all the work that kept you up in May got done. But I have a hunch we'll get there. We always get there.

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