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Catching Up!

So happy to report that this farm has a third of it's hay, firewood, and food put up for winter! Between the hay we banked at another farm (100 bales), the 1.5 cords delivered Tuesday, and the food from our garden and beasts - a third of winter is covered. I still have plans for more flour, coffee, salt, sugar, yeast, pasta, beans and rice. These are essentials we buy in. But to go into the first snowfall with a tight barn full of stored sunlight in the form of square bales, wood under roof, and packed cupboards - that is a feeling of safety and certainty I can't express enough. On top of that we just paid the August mortgage which means I am able to go into my first fall in years without old house payments over my head. I have paid off summer, am preparing for winter, and ENJOYING all I can of this early fall! A day to celebrate!

Onward towards more hay, wood, and goods for September!

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