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Call for support!

Morning friends and farmers and readers, alike. This farm last posted a call for support in July, and since then a lot has been accomplished! Got through summer, most of fall, and now I have cords of firewood here for winter heat! I have a larder loaded with food! I got through June, July, and August! Since then the farm has run itself on all the normal food and bill costs as well as:

Hired an arborist cut back the giant tree from looming over the house before winter.

Got new glass door installed after one broke into a million pieces.

Repaired a kitchen floor from sagging water damage.

Reinforced the first-floor dining room from the basement with extra support beams/structure.

Got ewes bred for spring lambs.

Sold my truck to make July.

New (well used but newer) tires to replace the bald ones on the Subaru so it passes inspection this Monday.

Cleaned and prepped 2 mews, small and large, for future falconry birds.

Reworked all the field and pasture fencing systems using the tools and supplies on hand.

Wrote over 20k words for a future writing project (river and hawk diaries)

Now this farm is trying to catch up and pay the Sept/October house payments ASAP (to stay safe through early winter). I also need to get in the rest of the hay, get roof slates repaired so the roof stops leaking, before snowfly.

So here is everything I have for sale right now. If you are in a position to be able to purchase anything, please do consider it. I know a lot of folks are in the same boat as me, but if you know you're secure and want to support a farm trying to catch up - this is a great time to do so. Even 4 bars of soap being mailed to someone new in Arkansas means a little more hope for this farm.

Everything earned through the end of October goes towards keeping this place safe from Foreclosure threats first and hay purchasing second. Until this farm has a second income, a lucky break, a book deal, or some influencer/Taylor Swift is seen reading One Woman Farm; it's a day-by-day fight to keep the dream alive and sales have never been harder to make.

So if you need any holiday gifts, meat futures, art, design, or soap - please do reach out, it's the only way I get to keep my home and stay safe and warm through winter. My dream is to catch up so I can focus more on writing. That's the real dream, to wake up and celebrate this place again instead of panic every day that it's almost gone. I can get there!

Here is how you pay for meat/soap. If you are local we can meet in town for local pickup. If you are international - I can do logo and art sales, farm goods like soaps can't be mailed internationally. It's not illegal, just shipping is twice what the soaps cost!

Venmo: jennawog

Cashapp: jennawog



If you're a regular pork or lamb customer, or would like to become one, consider purchasing a share for the next available season in advance! Which is 2024! I have half of these shares of meat still available! If you're a soap customer: snowflake bars are now available! Big chunk bars are $6 each and I'm making multiple trips to the post office to make that happen! Shipping is $10 for 1-4 bars and $18 for 5-20. I will ship 4 for $25!

I also still offer $50 and $100 random bulk boxes, which I ship for free and you get a surprise mix of scents and molds, 10 or 20 bars, respectively. These take longer to collect and ship, can't guarantee later Nov orders will make it for holidays!

Pet portraits are STILL on sale for blog readers, $50 for color (Instead of $85) and shipping is free anywhere in the world! Please consider a min order of 2!

Logos are not on sale if you start now, but are on sale (HALF PRICE) if you can wait 8 weeks to start!

That's what I have to offer! You can pay via venmo (jennawog) or PayPal, and I also have Cash App and open to wire transfers if you're in another country!

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