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Call for Support!

Hello readers and friends of the farm. This farm is now in full Winter Prep mode, and also trying to catch up on the mortgage. Sales are very much needed, and the dream is to not only catch up on the mortgage, but go into Fall with 4 cords of firewood and a barn full of hay.

This is a single woman homesteading operation. There's no credit cards or savings, there's no spouse or loans from family, and there's no backup plan. To make it each month, I need to sell what I can make, design, and raise on this farm. Sometimes that means blatantly asking for help, which I am doing now.

Contributions to the blog are of course welcome, and it's the only way I can tell if anyone likes the writing. Seems like the river posts are kind of duds, as they didn't get much response outside of 2 people and nothing at all on the last one, so I will keep those private going forward, as they don't really have to do with the farm? But contributions are a different story, right now I want to offer what I raise and make:


If you're a regular pork or lamb customer, consider purchasing a share for the next available season in advance! Which is 2024! If you're a soap customer, bulk boxes are on sale and I am catching up from the heat and humidity in June that made soap making impossible in the dank, so those orders are all going out in the next 2 weeks. But if you're not in a hurry, reserve some more on sale!

Pet portraits are on sale, $50 for color (Instead of $85) and shipping is free anywhere in the world!

Logos are not on sale if you start now, but are on sale (HALF PRICE) if you can wait 8 weeks to start!

That's what I have to offer! You can pay via venmo (jennawog) or PayPal, and I also have Cash App and open to wire transfers if you're in another country!

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