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Bulk Soap Sale!

Hello there! If you use soap and want to help contribute towards this farm's new truck repairs and feed bills - I am offering boxes of 20 bars of soap (random assortment) for $100 and shipping is included! The regular price of soap is $6 a bar, and shipping is usually a $15 USPS flat rate medium box. This sale saves you $35 and really throws some hope at our May!

They will most likely be a mix of unscented, oatmeal, coffee and red clay bars. The money from these boxes will go towards getting the 1998 GMC truck this farm bought this spring from a neighbor repaired, registered, and safely on the road. This farm needs a truck to make things like hay pickups, livestock transport, trailering, and firewood hauling possible. Right now the truck is parked at my mechanics and already it needs new brakelines, ball joints, and has a starter issue. It will most likely be registered as a farm vehicle but I still need it able to start and drive safely for local pickups and deliveries. Send me a message if you are interested in claiming on of these sale boxes!

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