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Almost Time!

It's almost time to start trapping a new hawk for the fall falconry season! I am very excited, as always, to sweep out the mews and start inventorying jesses and snaps and leashes and gear. Falconry has become as much a part of the end of summer as back-to-school shopping was for me as a kid. Only instead of trapper keepers and new jeans bought at the Vanity Fair Outlets in PA I'm searching frozen quail suppliers online to feed a tiny dinosaur. The details of life change but the energy is the same. End of summer means looking forward to things.

Only now the end of summer also means prepping for winter. I'm happy to report we got the July mortgage paid and am working on this month's as well as saving for truck repairs - but to have July off our shoulders was a huge relief. Every day I try to make my income goal through sales of soap, art, logos, meats, etc while also applying for work. So far my inbox is just rejection letters. I remain steadfast, because there is something out there for me if I keep looking and trying. Chins up and shoulders back!

More to update on later today or tomorrow, but for now just sharing the excitement for the hunting seasons ahead and some good news about getting past July was worth sharing! And more to update on the farm in general! The gardens are popping and the meals have been beyond amazing! Stay tuned!

Pic by Dona McAdams

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