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A Fox Grove - SOLD!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

I never work with canvas, but Shannon grabbed some watercolor canvases last time we were in an art supply store. They sat around, unused, for a few weeks until I recently had the desire to create an Autumn moment in the forest. The kind we see in the morning light that also felt like that amazing show we just finished, Over the Garden Wall.

So I created this sketch of two antlered foxes sitting in a grove of light, and the viewer is watching through a thick bit of brush. It is watercolor and ink, and a lot more detailed and with a full background - unlike my usual pet portraits. It is on a wooden framed, stretched, 8" x 10" canvas.

It took a long while, but became a meditative and wonderful experience to create! I feel like it really encapuslates the feeling of a warm, nurturing fall. The kind of fall I experience here and there when I take the time to breath and slow down.

I am asking $200 for it if anyone would like to buy it. It will be shipped for $15 through USPS in a tightly-packed medium USPS priority box. It is one of a kind, signed, dated, and the money goes towards this farm moving forward with bills, hay, and firewood. If you like it, send a message! First one to buy, gets it!

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